Clough Scholars 2022 | Sadeni Premachandra

Clough has for over 100 years been recognised as a pioneer of the construction and engineering sector, and since 1972 has been contributing to the community through the establishment of the Clough Scholarships.

Launched by Harold Clough to give back to the University of WA where he graduated in 1947, it has since seen hundreds of young people benefit across a wide range of disciplines including civil, construction management, mechanical, mechatronic, electrical, process, environmental and ocean engineering.

Meet one of this year’s scholars, Sadeni Premachandra!

“Ever since I was young, I have been driven towards the more creative aspect of life, how everyday things function. This could be as simple as in my early years learning about different body parts and how they worked. In my later years of high school that passion led me to gain an interest in buildings and structures. I think both interests stemmed from my love of maths and science throughout primary and high school.

The thing I love most about Clough is the people and the relaxed and productive workplace environment. All the staff have been extremely friendly and welcoming even before my first official day which has allowed me to transition into this new atmosphere quite easily. The mentorships offered at Clough appear to be very beneficial in helping me grow individually and professionally; I am very eager to get started with my mentor soon.

I am excited to be a part of various projects and see the finished product and to be able to say that I played a part in creating something so complex and unique. The world is constantly reforming and from that, the different projects that we will get to work on will become increasingly more exciting.

Over the course of my internship, I would like to be involved in numerous projects, which will allow several opportunities to arise for me to further develop a thorough understanding of the different tasks required to complete a project. This internship will allow me to build relationships with colleagues from a range of different disciplines, allowing me to develop a strong network of connections. I would like to further develop my technical and interpersonal skills from the hands-on experience offered here at Clough.”

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