The Clough Foundation is pleased to announce it has renewed its partnership with Stars Foundation.  

Stars Foundation operates school-based programs in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and Victoria that are tailored to meet the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women with the aim of promoting positive education, employment and life outcomes. 

Peter Bennett, Clough CEO and Clough Foundation Director said: “Since the Clough Foundation began its partnership with Stars Foundation in 2021, it’s been inspiring to work with the Stars team, and to meet many of the students at our open days. I’m proud of the positive impact we are making through this partnership, providing Stars Foundation with support to continue delivering their unique programs that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to build their confidence, life skills, and a positive and independent future.” 

Andrea Goddard, Stars Foundation Founder and CEO said: “Stars Foundation supports First Nations girls and young women to attend school, complete Year 12, and move successfully into work, training, or further study. We are so grateful for Clough Foundation’s continued support, which contributes to our important goal of inspiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to achieve their full potential.” 

Since Stars began operating programs in the Northern Territory in 2015, they’ve seen remarkable education and health improvements amongst its students. Stars offers personal development activities and experiences in many different areas, including academic support, personal health and wellbeing, music, drama and dance, art, cooking and nutrition, and exercise and sport. Students also take part in community, cultural and volunteering activities to build their life-skills and confidence and further develop their links to culture and community. 

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About the Clough Foundation 

Overseen by a semi-independent board, the Clough Foundation aims to provide support to organisations that deliver sustainable benefits to the local communities in which Clough operates, while reflecting Clough’s principles. 

Community Partners are selected based on their alignment to Clough’s five-pillar Corporate Social Responsibility program. The five pillars are: Sustainability, Indigenous Engagement, Diversity, Healthy Communities, and Children & Youth.