Last year Clough signed a three-year Partnership Agreement with Engineers Australia for their Engineering Workforce Credentialling Program, supporting our engineers to become chartered. Through our partnership, many of our engineers have seized the opportunity to attain their Chartership across various areas of engineering practice, including Leadership & Management, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Process, Construction Engineering and Project Management.

Meet Mohamed Naggary, a highly skilled and team-focused Project Engineer, who recently received his Chartership through our Engineers Australia Credentialing Program partnership.

Mohamed joined Clough more than a year ago and brought a valuable international perspective to the team.

“My journey with Clough has been a remarkable fusion of experiences and exiting participation in new projects. Before joining the Clough family, my career had taken me through working in the Middle East, Azerbaijan and Thailand. Each of these places contributed to my professional growth and personal development, enriching my understanding of diverse cultures and work dynamics.

“As I’ve progressed through my career, I have had the chance to work as a structural engineer and a construction methods engineer.

“As a structural engineer, I was immersed in the world of design and analysis. I focused on ensuring the integrity, safety, and functionality of the structures we created. It was a role that demanded meticulous attention to detail, as every decision directly impacted the final outcome.

“Transitioning into the role of a construction methods engineer brought me face-to-face with the practical aspects of bringing those structural visions to life. I dived into the nuts and bolts of construction processes, grappling with the logistics, materials, and sequencing required to execute a project seamlessly. The challenges of real-world construction sites include the need for adaptability in the face of unexpected obstacles, and the importance of creating efficient workflows that minimise delays and maximise quality. 

“From my perspective, the seamless interplay between engineering and construction propels projects from concept to reality. It’s not merely about constructing what’s designed but designing what can be constructible, efficient, and durable. This mindset aligns perfectly with my passion for both fields and fuels my drive to bridge the gap between them.

“What drew me to Clough was its diverse portfolio of projects, spanning many industries, including oil and gas, renewables, chemicals and infrastructure. The breadth of projects presented an exciting prospect for professional growth and resonated with my desire to challenge myself in various sectors continuously.
“A unique proposition few companies can offer is the opportunity to contribute to projects across such a broad spectrum of industries.”

Through diligent work and the overcoming of obstacles, Mohamed has garnered invaluable insights into the fields of engineering and construction. The attainment of chartership represents a definitive opportunity for him and Clough to further develop our engineering and construction capabilities.

“Being recognised by a prestigious institution like Engineers Australia holds immense value for professionals in the engineering field. Engineers Australia is a badge of credibility and a mark of commitment to high standards, ethics, and continuous learning within the industry. 

“Becoming a Chartered engineer signifies that an engineer has met rigorous education, experience, and professional development standards.

“Moreover, Engineers Australia’s role in keeping professionals updated about the latest technologies is invaluable. In today’s rapidly evolving world, where technology advancements are shaping industries at a highly rapid pace, staying current is essential.

“My path towards gaining recognition has been greatly influenced by the collaborative efforts and supportive environments both Clough and Engineers Australia provide. Clough’s positive and encouraging culture to us as employees and Engineers Australia’s structured process and guidance have provided a clear pathway to gaining recognition.

“Gaining my chartership was a smooth and efficient experience, marked by clear communication and well-organised steps. A well-structured process reflects positively on Engineers Australia and demonstrates its commitment to providing a seamless path for professionals seeking recognition and growth.

“The passion for setting goals, establishing clear communication channels, and allowing constructive criticism can significantly impact success and growth in an organisation. Clough’s focus on growth and development adds another layer of excitement to the experience. The company’s investment in employees’ progress reflects a forward-thinking approach to human capital. Whether through mentorship, training programs, or opportunities to take on more challenging roles. Moreover, Clough provides a nurturing environment where everyone’s potential is cultivated and realised.

“I want to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who assisted me towards this achievement, notably Chris Baker, for his support and assistance in gaining the chartership recognition.”