Enterprise East Storage Dehydration Unit
​Enterprise Products Company
Texas, United States
North America
Start date
Jan 31, 2018
Scope of work

Clough completed the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for facilities instalments at the Enterprise East Storage Dehydration Unit in Texas. 

The project involved the construction and connection of new pipelines from 3 different sources within East Storage. The project also involved the construction of the infrastructures to pump ethylene out different sources, a new dehydration unit as well as the construction of pumps, custody transfer meters, PLC’s, MCC buildings, transformers, and flare as part of project scope. 

The scope of work started at pipeline connections and ended at first wing valve off Well #5, a 5,000,000 bbl underground storage cavern that will be utilized to store ethylene. The project allowed for ethylene to be pumped from one of the wells, Well #5 to four different pipelines, with a new capacity of 491,000 lbs/hr of ethylene to be put into and taken out of Well #5.

Project in numbers
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