Global Announcement COVID-19 from Peter Bennett, Clough CEO and Managing Director

Dear all,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop rapidly, I want to communicate the status of our preparations and assure you that we are being as proactive as we can and are constantly monitoring developments.

As a global organisation, we face different stages of the outbreak and different regulated changes, so we have action plans that recognise these differences.

At Clough, our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our staff and their families, and keeping our operations running safely, so we can continue to deliver our commitment to our clients. During this time, it is especially important that everyone stays healthy. We are asking all Clough employees not go to work if they feel unwell or believe they have been exposed to the virus and we are applying social distancing.

Here are some resources you can turn to if you have questions:

Globally:  World Health Organization

Australia: Department of Health

Canada: Infection Prevention and Control Canada  

United States: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Scotland: Scottish Government – Coronavirus 

What we are experiencing with this outbreak of COVID-19 is a global issue and we all need to be part of the solution. Being part of that solution means understanding that though we may not be directly affected by COVID-19, we must be proactive in reducing the spread and impact on those in our communities whose health is compromised.

Please continue to take the necessary precautions to keep yourselves and your families safe.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Bennett
CEO & Managing Director


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Foodbank WA provides food and groceries to charities that provide emergency food assistance to people in need. This has become more challenging during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our Perth office had bulk supplies of biscuits that were going unused with staff working from home, so our Facilities Coordinator arranged for them to be donated to Foodbank WA to assist them. They were very grateful for the donation, every little bit helps. cloughgroup perth community