International Women in Engineering

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we’re sharing the stories of some of our inspiring and talented engineers. Learn more about them below.

Meet Nadia Partow, Senior Instrumentation
& Control Engineer

I’m currently working on the Traveler project as Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer (I&C) in Clough’s Houston Office. I got my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and my master’s degree in IT Engineering.

I love working at Clough as I see a lot of opportunities to set as my career goals. Back in high school, I enjoyed math and computer science more than the other courses. I chose to be engineer because it has a lot of challenges and that makes me happy.

I enjoy seeing engineers changing the world and making life easier for humans. It’s so exciting to me to see what the problems are, see what’s required in the projects, and to find a way to solve them for the best result. I enjoy being I&C engineer as I would be able to go through the whole field of manufacturing to design and control automate plant, which makes it easy and safe for human and environment.


Meet Amanda D’Souza, Graduate Electrical Engineer

Prior to becoming a graduate, Clough had given me the opportunity and flexibility to remain an Intern while I was still at University which was beneficial to my learning as I was able to merge my learnings from work into my degree and vice versa. What I find exciting about working for Clough is the endless opportunities that the company presents to you. We have the privilege to work across a wide range of projects while facilitating learning and development as an engineer. They also expose you to all areas of the company so that you have a full understanding of the different departments that work together to execute a successful outcome, and also to progress as a well-rounded engineer. 

So far, I have completed rotations in Project Controls and Project Engineering. As part of the graduate program, I was given the opportunity to be a Project Engineer on site at Miles (QLD) as a part of the Clough Mitchell Joint Venture delivering Sustain Gas Gathering Networks and wellsites  to Origin Energy. I am currently working on the Arrow Energy MSA projects which will be ​an exciting design engineering challenge, especially as I have now had some experience in the construction process.

My personal interests include travel, networking and being social, and dance. Since I am not originally from Australia, I believe experiencing different cultures and understanding their heritage opens your mind as an individual and indirectly as an engineer.

When I chose Engineering as a degree and career, I wasn’t too sure about what I wanted to do. I believe as a Year 12 Graduate and no experience in the real world, this is a bit of a difficult decision to make. However, I knew the opportunities and life experiences that engineering would present and it helped that I enjoyed science in school. The thought of being a part of something great and innovative was something that drove me towards this career.

Meet Kirti Nagarkar, Senior Instrumentation
& Control Engineer

I am a chartered Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Engineer with more than 25 years of experience executing projects. I have worked as a Project Manager for minor works single discipline projects (< 10 million AUD). I have executed projects for clients such as Santos, Senex, Origin, Rio Tinto, EDL, PWC, BP Bulwer Island Refinery, mainly in energy sector. I have worked on FPSO, oil refining and gas processing units. Engineering is my passion and I like to understand various aspects of it. I am currently working on Arrow Energy MSA projects.

I like the Clough culture, people, the management drive to become the number one engineering service provider and the opportunities I have. I am currently working as ‘Acting Lead’ for East Coast Electrical / Instrumentation and Control discipline which gives me the opportunity to work with various discipline leads, project managers, engineering managers and discipline chief engineers in the Perth office. As I am working on Arrow Energy projects, I get to participate in various project review meetings, interact with clients, vendors and the entire project team. Each day brings new learning and new opportunity.

When I was little I used to hear many engineering related stories from my father and his mates. My father was a chemical graduate and worked as Operations manager in a Nitric Acid Plant in an Ammunition factory which produced explosives for Indian Defence Forces. I was very curious about science and spirituality from an early age. My teachers, friends and family members helped me in this journey. As I started my professional journey, I had great mentors who guided me and entrusted me with various responsibilities.

 Meet Cindy Limantara, Senior Process Engineer

Since joining Clough I have been involved in many projects for our clients, mainly in the concept select, FEED and Detailed Design stages. A highlight of my career at Clough is my secondment to the INPEX project which took me to Houston, Texas in 2013. I had been posted on this assignment with a few of my colleagues and the working and life experience I gained was truly memorable and something I will always be grateful for. When I am not at work, I enjoy cooking, travelling, yoga, going to Bunnings to buy indoor plants, and working on my side hustle.

I like working for Clough because of the diversity of the roles and projects offered as well as the positive team working environment. Working in engineering can be tough so it is nice to have a team that will support you through the difficult times and celebrate with you when you have a win.

I chose engineering at university because it was the degree to go for at the time. Once I started working, I realised I really loved it and I am truly lucky to have started on this career path that is both challenging and rewarding.


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