The Clough Graduate Program provides recent graduates with technical and practical real-world experience to set them up for personal and professional success. Hear from some of Clough’s Graduate Program Alumni below.


“Clough stood out to me from other engineering companies due to the wide range of industries that they worked in and their unique ability to execute all phases of an EPC project.
As someone starting their career, I thought working for a company like Clough would give me the opportunity to develop technical detailed design engineering skills while also being able to get site-based construction and commissioning experience.

I’ve been fortunate to work on a number of different projects during my time as a graduate. My first role was working on the Alcoa Biological Oxalate Destruction Facility where I worked with the process engineering team on the review and process design validation of the Facility.

I then moved into a site engineering role on the South Flank NPI Project. I worked with the construction team and assisted with communicating design changes between the office-based design team and site-based construction team. I later moved into a commercial role on the same project where I responsible for working with our subcontractors.

Getting out of the office and working on site was the highlight of the graduate program, it forced me out of my comfort zone and was where I experienced most of my learning. I also got a lot of satisfaction out of seeing the project develop from a concrete pad when I first started on the project into a fully operational facility by the time I left.

More recently, I’m working with the process design team on the Waitsia Gas Project.
I’ve enjoyed the wide range of opportunities that are available at Clough. During my time as a graduate, I haven’t been in the same role for too long. This has kept working at Clough exciting and meant there is always something new to learn. If you’re looking for graduate roles, don’t be afraid to apply for something that is out of your comfort zone.”



“The Clough Graduate Program was an opportunity to refine and broaden my technical skills, ensure continued growth, and provided abundant options to gain exposure to the wider Clough business, projects and roles.

When I joined Clough, I had prior experience in civil construction, so I considered myself fortunate to have the opportunity to diversify in a role which was primarily a structural engineering role in the oil & gas industry on secondment to a tier 1 operator. Here I learnt all different aspects of engineering from creating cost efficiency programs, and managing asset integrity, to reviewing designs, and inspection and maintenance.

After the secondment I joined the South Flank Non-Process Infrastructure team on site, which was another completely different experience. I gained valuable exposure to the multidisciplinary interfaces as well as practical considerations such as permit/high risk activity requirements, and was responsible for various commissioning activities (electrical, instrumentation, process, mechanical, crane).

The Program allowed me to rotate between roles and remain for durations which matched the competencies I was furthering. The mentorship and routine competency reviews allowed a traceable method of objective setting and planning for further development.

I enjoy the strong culture and professionalism of my colleagues at Clough, the variety and diversity of projects, and the mentorship from senior engineers. It is a dynamic environment with plentiful opportunities in practical and technical fields, in engineering and non-engineering roles.

I would encourage students applying for graduate roles to pursue an early career path which allows them the opportunity to gain a career foundation with a wide variety of experiences which will complement their chosen path or provide them with the exposure to better understand and direct their path. If you’re seeking both practical and theoretical knowledge, apply at Clough. And remember to practice passion and curiosity in what you do and how you do it.”



“Clough highlighted itself as an excellent starting place for my career by being an EPC contractor delivering projects in a wide variety of sectors. This meant Clough could provide me with hands on experience to learn at all stages of the project lifecycle from engineering design, procurement, construction, and commissioning through to facility handover. Put simply – Clough could deliver an experience that many others just couldn’t offer.

Over the course of my time as a Clough graduate I was exposed to a variety of challenges and experiences on a range of EPC projects at differing stages of completion.

From setting up equipment packages on the Oyu Tolgoi shaft sinking project, to a FIFO role managing the construction and commissioning of packages firsthand on the Non-Process Infrastructure project – the Clough graduate program has seen me gain significant site engineering and package management experience across the energy, resources, petrochemical and wastewater treatment sectors. Currently I am working on the Waitsia Gas Plant Stage 2.

The best part about working at Clough would equally be the people and the diverse experiences on offer. While people may be split by discipline and function, everyone understands it is the team that delivers successful projects and this means a collaborative work environment with people open to helping the development of young engineers. The exposure to different types of projects has allowed me to work closely within client and subcontractor offices, as well as firsthand construction experience in a FIFO role.

If you’re looking for a graduate role, do your research and aim to apply for companies that not only share your core values, but those that can also provide you with hands-on experience in the areas of engineering you are interested in, whether it be design or construction, or both.

If you are set on becoming a well-rounded engineer through gaining EPC project delivery experience in a diverse array of sectors, Clough should certainly be on your shortlist.”



“I applied for a graduate position at Clough because of the broad range of work scopes they have across various industries at all project phases, from FEED studies and EPC projects, to operation and maintenance support. The wide range of potential opportunities makes Clough a great place to professionally develop into a well-rounded engineer.

As part of my graduate program experience, I worked on two EPC projects, Alcoa Biological Oxalate Destruction Facility and BHP Non-Process Infrastructure. I was involved in both of these projects during the design phase in the Perth office and then mobilised to site for the construction phase, through to commissioning.

A major highlight from the Alcoa project was to shake the client’s hand on successful completion of the final commissioning test. To be onsite at the very end and to know the client is happy with the performance of a project that you have been involved in from the beginning really is a great feeling.

Overall, Clough is a well organised company with great people working within it. The experienced senior engineers are very approachable and have always made time to mentor me, and I have made many good friends across multiple disciplines due to the collaborative nature of project work.

If you’re looking for a graduate role, research and understand the types of work that companies are involved in and try to align your applications with companies working in fields you are interested in.
Any graduate position will develop you as an engineer, just be open minded and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.”


“The Clough graduate program overall has been an amazing foundation for my career as an engineer and I will be able to take my experiences and apply them to future projects.

I enjoy the wide range of work Clough targets as I have been given opportunities in areas all over the company, on projects in different sectors. This has enabled me to work across lots of different teams and meet a lot of the great people that work at Clough.

I started out in tendering, specifically on marine jobs, where I was lucky enough to be given some challenging design work. From there I joined the Beenyup Advanced Wastewater Recycling Plant site construction team and learnt how to manage siteworks and be the connection between design and construction.

I managed subcontractors and fabricators on various siteworks and went on to help closeout the whole project.
Most recently, I have been involved with one of our projects in Canada which I have been a part of since project award. I was part of the team which developed the design, determined the trestle layout and ensured that the trestle is constructable with the Cantilever Bridge.

I have managed design consultants, produced scope of works for supply of permanent materials and managed the fabricators to ensure the fabrication meets the design and quality requirements. I have also been given the opportunity to move to Canada for the next 12 months to help execute construction.

Clough is unique compared to a lot of other companies as they have in-house design capabilities as well as extensive construction expertise. As a graduate, you will have opportunities to develop your design skills as well as your project engineering skills which you really won’t get anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a graduate role my advice would be to understand where you think you would like your career to go. Apply for jobs that suit your interests and understand the type of work companies do so you know what you may be involved in one day. Take all the opportunities you can and enjoy the journey.”