Did you know?

Clough offers industry-leading gender-neutral parental leave entitlements to support all people in achieving a healthy work and family life balance. Earlier this year we introduced flexibility in how parental leave entitlements can be used to ensure we continue to lead the way in encouraging shared caring responsibilities.

Meet Andrew Foti, recent first-time parent and talented Technology Shared Services Manager, who has taken up Clough’s flexible parental leave!

“I am taking flexible parental leave, one day a week, to support my wife in her return to work in a part-time capacity and become the primary carer of our one-year-old daughter on these days. The intention is to do this until my daughter turns two, to take full advantage of the newly-extended parental leave entitlements.
“Clough’s flexible parental leave has allowed me to have a better work-life balance, being more available to my family to help with the additional commitments that come with having a young child to take care of.
“In a modern young family, it's extremely common to have both partners with their own careers. The usual expectation is that one caregiver temporarily puts their career on hold to raise the child. Having a policy like Clough's parental leave policy encourages shared caring responsibilities so that both parents can continue their careers in a way that works for them.
“I'm looking forward to spending this additional quality time with my daughter during these formative years of her life. It is time I never would have thought I'd have the privilege of enjoying, experiencing the extra smiles and laughs (even if it then also means dealing with more dirty nappies and toddler tantrums).”