Last year Clough signed a three-year Partnership Agreement with Engineers Australia for their Engineering Workforce Credentialling Program, supporting our engineers to become chartered. Through our partnership, many of our engineers have seized the opportunity to attain their Chartership across various areas of engineering practice, including Leadership & Management, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Construction Engineering and Project Management.

Meet Berney Bao, one of our talented Electrical Engineers who recently received his Chartership through our Engineers Australia Credentialing Program partnership.

Berney joined Clough early last year, proving himself to be not only a valuable member for his technical abilities but also his interpersonal skills.

“After completing a Master of Professional Engineering, Electrical and Electronics in 2016, I began my professional career, starting in a consultant-based role focused on project definition, delivery, and management.

“In 2022, I began looking for career development opportunities; having seen Clough’s pipeline of interesting project work, paired with their strong industry standing, rich history and reputation, I was quick to move over. Over this last year with Clough, I have worked on several projects and have had the chance to see my work in person, visiting sites locally, interstate and offshore. I’ve recently joined the Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2 team to assist in the final stages of the project delivery.

“Although the fast-paced engineering and construction industry can be a challenging environment at times, it is a very rewarding experience to bring these massive projects to life, especially when it’s something you designed. Also, I enjoy having the ability to work closely with the construction team; it allows for more practical and innovative engineering solutions to be developed, which is the dream of any engineer.”

Having already taken advantage of previous opportunities to advance his technical skills as an engineer, chartership was yet another way for Berney to progress and succeed in his role. 

“Chartership was always a goal for me, or at least after I recovered from my Masters. I knew chartership would help guide that next step in my development as an engineer and my commitment to bettering my technical proficiency and furthering my understanding and ability to practice my role ethically.

“Clough and Engineers Australia supported me throughout the chartership process. The initial information sessions with EA provided relevant and valuable insights into the chartership process. The chartership was very streamlined, from having an assigned assessor to organising the interview to financial support through the Engineers Australia Membership, which gave me instant access to other engineers from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Beyond that, Clough was already involved in providing professional internal and external training courses and having that support system was beneficial during the chartership process.

“I’m excited for what is to come next; Clough is growing its investment and development in sustainability, as well as their commitment to the things that go beyond the engineering work, such as its significant support for workplace diversity. I look forward to the growing opportunities for me as an engineer, including and most importantly, working on even more successful projects.”