Meet Hamid Peimany, Communications and Community Engagement Advisor for Spark!

Hamid moved to Australia in August 2022 and has since built a new life in Melbourne where he and his wife are working on the North East Link (NEL) Project.

“When I left my home country for Australia, I knew that securing the first job in my desired field would not be easy due to the lack of local experience. As soon as we settled, I took up a casual job as a research assistant at Charles Sturt University while enrolled in the Melbourne Polytechnic Overseas Qualified Professionals course. 

“I began exploring job opportunities and discovered that infrastructure and construction were major industries in Australia. Since I lacked experience in construction, it was a challenge for me. However, I was confident that many of the skills developed from my previous jobs could be transferable, and I was willing to work hard to meet the expectations. 

“I joined the Spark consortium in December 2022 on a student placement from the Melbourne Polytechnic Overseas Qualified Professionals course. My focus was on community engagement having been a Public Relations and Communications Manager across a range of industries including Publications, Health Care, Energy, Food and Beverage, and Retail in Iran. 

“Two weeks into my placement at Spark, I was offered an ongoing role as a Community Engagement and Events Coordinator. 

“Two months later I stepped in to work at the Watsonia Hub for 10 weeks, answering questions from the community about the project and its impact on local communities, while I maintained responsibility for the events as well.

“I looked at this as an opportunity and can see now that my time at the Watsonia Hub has given me a real sense of understanding about the project. Also, speaking with hundreds of residents each week helped me to understand different accents. My work paid off, and I was recognised by my peers at Spark.

“A few weeks later, I was promoted to the new role of Communications and Community Engagement Advisor, which I’m very happy and grateful for.

“My role involves managing relationships with a broad range of stakeholders, from government organisations to the community and even local traders. We handle enquiries from people impacted by the project and produce communication materials about the project to keep stakeholders updated.

“Working on the NEL Project is awesome! What I love most about it is the amazing people I get to work with. I'm part of a project that will bring numerous benefits to the community- from reducing travel time to making local roads safer. It feels great to be contributing towards something positive, sustainable, and enduring.

“Entering the construction field was very eye-opening for me. It is much more complex than I ever imagined, and seeing how things are constructed on site made me excited! Attending construction meetings is my favourite part because it's where people practice problem-solving every day. It's motivating to see everyone working together to overcome challenges and make progress. This inspires me to go out and explain the work to our stakeholders and the community. It feels great to be part of a team that is making a difference!

“As I continue my role on the project, I am looking forward to the upskilling opportunities that are available to me with Webuild. I took the opportunities provided by the company to attend professional development courses and training. I have successfully passed them so far and have a few others on my waiting list.

“Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family and friends, attend concerts and cultural events – also Australia's beautiful landscapes offer endless exploration opportunities. 

“Webuild presents thrilling projects worldwide, providing exciting prospects for communication professionals like me, and I look forward to the opportunities ahead.”