Clough Internship Program Alumni 2020/21

The Clough Internship Program is designed to provide a challenging, interesting and rewarding learning opportunity and can be a pathway to our graduate program.
Hear from some of Clough’s 2020/21 Internship Program Alumni. 

Meet Aiden, Construction Management Intern

“I wanted to gain experience with a company that offered a broad range of opportunities in various fields of the construction industry. Clough’s size, international status, and projects offered exactly that.

The family culture of Clough creates a work environment that is enjoyable and comfortable. People will always have your back and if you ever get stuck or are unsure about anything someone will always be able to lend a hand or point you in the right direction.

My involvement with the tendering team in collating information, reading documentation, attending meetings, and forming package scopes was extremely engaging and challenging for me. By being able to understand the project’s scope, design requirements and unique challenges on a thorough and detailed level through this work, I was able to develop an appreciation for the project details and the complexities of the tender process.”






Meet Maryam, Engineering Intern

“I applied for an internship at Clough as I was interested to see what an engineering career actually looks like outside of university, and to gain those vital skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. Gaining experience in the field early on in my career is very important to me, and working at Clough has left me with an extra world of knowledge compared to when I first walked into these doors 12 weeks ago.      

Working at Clough has reinforced my love for engineering and left me more excited than ever to see where my career will take me. Being able to work on real projects and make an impact so early on in my career has been an amazing experience, particularly while surrounded by people who are always so willing to help.            

Working on a real project allowed me to actualise my own ideas and put them to work to make a real impact on its design.”






Meet Matthew, Engineering Intern

“Clough is a place that I can see myself growing within and I found the projects they do very interesting. With Clough being an EPC company, this was an opportunity to get a lot of exposure into the world of engineering, at all different stages of a project.     

All of the people at Clough have definitely made my internship a very enjoyable experience. Everybody is really friendly and always up for a chat. More specifically, the engineers here really know their stuff and are super passionate about their work, so as a young engineer curious to learn more, everyday is full of inspiration!      

Knowing that some of the things I created will be used by the electrical engineers even after I am gone is a very fulfilling feeling.”








Meet Amber, Construction Management Intern

“When choosing to study construction management, I knew that the career opportunities at graduation would be diverse enough that I could choose a pathway that suited me. Being so early in my career and having very little practical experience in the industry I was finding it difficult to decide where I wanted my career to go, and I knew that the experience I gained during my internships would have a big impact on my future pathway. I chose to apply for Clough because it presented such a fantastic array of experiences as a full service engineering company. I’m really spoiled for choice in where I want to go within Clough – which is a good problem to have!

I have really enjoyed the culture of Clough, and how there is such a willingness to give support and help when needed. I’ve never felt too afraid to ask, because everyone has been so approachable and happy to give up a few minutes of their time. Because of this, every day that I’ve come to work I have learnt something new, which has been so engaging, enjoyable and has really made me look forward to each new day.

I have enjoyed working in the procurement department on a live tender. It taught me a lot about the early stages of the project lifecycle and has given real world context to things I have learnt in my studies.”







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Celebrating International Women’s Day! We are c Celebrating International Women’s Day! 
We are committed to taking action for equality. We can all make a difference in our industry and communities by ensuring diversity and inclusion is the norm.
#cloughgroup #ChooseToChallenge  #IWD2021 #diversity

Celebrating International Women’s Day!
We are committed to taking action for equality. We can all make a difference in our industry and communities by ensuring diversity and inclusion is the norm.
#cloughgroup #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021 #diversity


Clough is proud to announce the award of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction scope for Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd (MEPAU) and Beach Energy’s Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2 development in Western Australia.
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