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The Clough Summer Internship program is designed is designed to provide a challenging, interesting and rewarding learning opportunity and can be a pathway to our graduate program. Hear from some of Clough’s Internship Program Alumni. Applications are now open for our 2020/21 Internship Program. Apply here.

Meet Kate Martin, HSSE Graduate

What made you apply for an internship at Clough?

I applied for a Clough internship on a bit of a whim, I saw an advertisement and thought “why not.” It wasn’t until I had the initial phone interview and learnt some more about what the role would be, that the internship caught my interest. Following that call, I was fully invested in what the company was trying to do and extremely excited about pursuing the internship. I am exceptionally glad I did, as my overall experience did not disappoint.

What have you liked about working at Clough?

The best part about working at Clough has been the level of exposure I have been able to achieve over a short time. In just 12 weeks I was able to engage with so many people over a variety of different levels and functions within the business. What has also helped with this and made Clough such a great place to work, is how accepting and open to working with me everyone was. Clough has a really great culture and sets its employees up in a way that ensures maximum development and engagement in the company.

What did you enjoy working on?

I was given a project to help develop Clough’s sustainability strategy. The sustainability team implementation and organisation was one of my favourite things to work on. I enjoyed it mainly because it allowed me to engage with a whole new set of people that had different ideas and perceptions on sustainability. Launching the teams also gave the opportunity to engage with some of our international offices and even lead to me travelling to Brisbane to launch the team there. I also enjoyed visiting the South Flank and Snowy project sites.

Meet Morgan Pinkerton, HSSE Graduate

What made you apply for an internship at Clough?

I applied for the internship at Clough in order to gain valuable experience and transition between university and my career. I thought it would be an opportunity to gain insight into many different fields over a range of industries and wanted to apply my technical skills in a professional setting, and that is exactly what Clough has given me the opportunity to do.

What have you liked about working at Clough?

I have had many exciting opportunities during my time at Clough. I have enjoyed engaging with many people in different functions; there’s a great culture here at Clough. I have had such an exciting project to work on, something I am passionate about, so being able to engage others in participating in this is something I’m grateful for.

What did you enjoy working on?

I have been working on developing the sustainability strategy here at Clough. This has mainly included collating and analysing both office-based and project-specific data in order to determine what Clough already does in terms of sustainability and then understanding ways that we can improve. We have launched sustainability at Clough as a whole and as part of this implemented sustainability teams in each of the major offices including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Houston. Our aim is to embed sustainability into everything we do.

I have enjoyed meeting and communicating with a range of people from different functions across a global scale. Working on the entire strategy has been a great experience, however launching sustainability teams at all of the offices has been really exciting. I have had the opportunity to present to the team in the Perth and Brisbane offices. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to go to the BHP South Flank Project NPI and OHP sites in order to assess sustainability on site and understand how a project works and the associated limitations.


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Wishing our team, clients, suppliers and families Wishing our team, clients, suppliers and families a safe and relaxing BC Day

#cloughgroup #bcday #bcday2020 #britishcolumbiaday #vancouver

Wishing our team, clients, suppliers and families a safe and relaxing BC Day

#cloughgroup #bcday #bcday2020 #britishcolumbiaday #vancouver


Clough in a 50/50 joint venture with Saipem, is proud to announce they have been selected as the EPC contractor for the development of Perdaman Industries’ urea plant in Karratha, Western Australia.
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