Clough Scholars 2022 | Breanna Pinelli

Clough has for over 100 years been recognised as a pioneer of the construction and engineering sector, and since 1972 has been contributing to the community through the establishment of the Clough Scholarships.

Launched by Harold Clough to give back to the University of WA where he graduated in 1947, it has since seen hundreds of young people benefit across a wide range of disciplines including civil, construction management, mechanical, mechatronic, electrical, process, environmental and ocean engineering.

Meet one of this year’s scholars, Breanna Pinelli!

“During long car rides when I was young, I would stare out the window and consider how the environment around me was constructed. STEM is at the foundation of everything around us. As our society is ever-changing, it is interesting how with STEM we can create and adapt with infinite possibilities.

Since working at Clough, I have been fortunate to be immersed in a wide range of engineering practices and different stages of projects. As a student, I have liked that there is such a diverse scope of projects led by a team of experienced engineers. Everyone who is part of the Clough team is very eager to impart their insight and wisdom.

The engineering and construction industry has a large influence on people’s lives. The industry holds the responsibility to be the leaders in tackling issues such as sustainability. We have the power to be the catalyst for change. I am excited to be a part of driving that change. I am keen to have the tools and capabilities to build, develop and most importantly, improve the lives of others.

This internship gives me the opportunity to directly apply theory into practice. Whilst working with Clough, I hope to gain the understanding of how the engineering and construction industry operates. I am excited to gain insight into different fields of engineering. Simultaneously, I aim to further develop my leadership skills.”

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