International Women’s Day 2021

In the lead up to International Women’s Day 2021, we’re sharing the stories of some of Clough’s talented and inspiring team members. Read about them below.

Meet Jennifer, Senior Project Engineer

I started as a Mechanical Engineering Intern in Jun 1998 with an EPC company in Newark, Delaware. My first project was on a joint venture designing a pilot plant; I was able to design simple non pressurized tanks, and oversee the spinning process for the thread making process. Once that was complete, I got to join the pressure vessel design team. I moved through various roles, industries and projects in my career from working on site for chemical plants, to project engineering, designing, and leading mechanical engineering teams. Currently, I am a Clough Project Engineer / Package Engineer for the Design & Construction Phase of Project Traveler. In this role I help to develop and maintain document process flow throughout all project teams. The package engineering team helps to resolve any document flow issues from design through delivery and start up on site.

Ever since middle school I was fascinated in CAD, and mechanical design. Engineering gave me the opportunity to make my imagination transform into reality. I have always loved mathematics, specifically geometry. Then grew to love physics. Once in college, I was intrigued by diverse team collaboration. I found it interesting for there to be a complex question begging for a solution. Working with process and electrical/instrument engineers added so much to a finished product.

The design phase is fun for me. I liked to put the needs and solutions from all groups together for a final product. For me, the final product in the design phase was 3-D Modelling of the project concept. I was always one to work with my hands ever since elementary school age, so the construction phase became the most fun for me. The construction phase was the time for the team to purchase all the pieces to the puzzle and to finally physically put the puzzle together. The Commissioning Phase became the time when everyone’s hard work in the prior phases came together and gave the team its reward of completion and success. Seeing a question go down the path of becoming a final product or resolution still amazes me. And to actually see the final product made from a design that one has contributed to is a really awesome feeling.

Clough provides a diverse group of personnel with tons of experience and personality, who are as goal oriented as myself. There are many opinions and contributions to completing tasks, and working together as a collective team to reach a common goal helps me perform my job to the best of my abilities. I like also working with the graduate engineers. Seeing the spark of excitement in the graduate engineers reminds me that engineering is fun, we need to keep upcoming generations interested, and provide positive and structural guidance. I have noticed Clough has a good amount of female upper management roles, which I had not noticed in many past engineering companies.

I became a Texan as of 2018, I enjoy the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show. I have an obsession for western cowboy boots, love classic cars, and any type of large machinery. I enjoy trying new foods, exploring museums, and traveling to new places. I like to golf and fish, although I am not good at either. I am a pet lover, enjoy watching any organized sporting events, and love spending time with family and friends.

Meet Shannon, HSE Manager, East Coast & PNG

“HSE is my second career, which was a natural move for me having worked offshore in oil & gas, and supporting mining construction projects in the APAC region.

Some careers highlights include leading HSE for a 56MW hybrid (gas/solar/wind) power station solution project from tendering through to construction, and developing and leading a joint venture’s HSE deliverables, in collaboration with our partner’s HSE representative.

I enjoy the dynamic work environment and unique challenges of the engineering and construction industry. Being able to engage and enable safe outcomes through the development of HSE strategic planning, field risk management and execution is at the forefront of what I find both enjoyable and rewarding.

Every day brings new challenges through the variety of design and delivery solutions across multiple industries. Understanding and supporting positive HSE outcomes requires dedication, agility and a growth mindset.

I am pleased to see diversity at Clough well supported by our CEO, Peter Bennett, and the executive team. I have been provided with many opportunities to participate in company forums, and feel that as a woman in construction I am recognised and supported for the role that I perform here at Clough.

Outside of work I like to get out in nature and explore new forest tracks through my passion for trail running and hiking.”

Meet Hannellie, Commercial Manager

“I joined the construction world in 1990 working on HV Powerlines and Power Station projects. I have followed new opportunities to continue learning and pursued business management and project management studies. My career has spanned corporate, project pursuit and delivery for the road, oil & gas, mining, rail, water, and electrical industries.

Some highlights include being the youngest (and only) female working on a 4-year SCADA project for a large city in 1994, progressing from Project Manager to Operations manager at age 36 for four major toll road projects, which were profitable despite facing major challenges (strikes up to 7 weeks, pressures from lobbying groups), and obtaining the highest Contractor qualification and BEE accreditation for a foreign company in South Africa where we pursued and won several major projects.

My father worked in the construction industry fixing earthmoving plant; by travelling often to where he worked, I was exposed to many sites and projects. My insatiable curiosity and keen interest in seeing something great built from nothing, led me to pursue a career ‘where it all happens’.  It has given me great exposure over the years and my children were often afforded the opportunity to view projects in progress up close.

The diverse prospects Clough pursues keeps my role interesting and continues to challenge me. The inclusive culture and teams I work with is a huge plus and there are opportunities to grow.

I have found Clough to be very supportive and adaptive, where diversity of thought has led to many improvements of business processes.

Equal opportunity at Clough is not an exercise on paper – it is actively led and implemented from executive and senior leadership. Further demonstrating their commitment, the business invests in their future personnel through internships and graduation programs – I have recently experienced the quality of interns when two female interns (one civil engineering, one construction management) joined my team for a few months.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family and friends and favour time outdoors, lately kayaking or taking beach walks. You will usually find me planning our next travels to a foreign place. For unwinding I love listening to music and recently dabbling in painting again.”

Meet Amy, Proposals Manager 

“I started my career in 2010 with an asset integrity and maintenance contractor, working predominantly in the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry. I worked my way up from Proposals Coordinator, to Proposals Team Lead, and in 2013, I started with a new company as Proposals Engineer working on operations and maintenance, brownfield engineering and EPC tenders within the North Sea Oil and Gas industry.

In 2017, I took a role as Tender Engineer with a subsea IMR (Inspection, Maintenance, Repair) and construction contractor providing diving, ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and survey services for the Oil and Gas and Renewables industries globally.

In 2019, I relocated to Australia and started with Clough as a Proposal Coordinator and latterly Proposals Manager (East Coast).

I didn’t actively choose to pursue a career within the engineering and construction industry. When I took my first role, I was completing my Master’s Degree in English Literary Studies and was applying for my PHD. The role was only ever supposed to be a stop gap. However, I found the role very interesting and enjoyed meeting and interacting with the people I worked with. Upon being accepted as a PHD candidate I realised that I would much prefer to continue my career in the engineering and construction industry than study Julia Kristeva’s abject horror in violent feminist performance art and literature – go figure.

I enjoy the diversity in Clough’s portfolio. I am exposed to a number of different industries with differing scopes. The learning opportunities have been great, and I continue to learn every day.

Throughout my time with Clough, I have seen the beginnings of a commitment to diversity of thought and equal opportunity. Initiatives such as the flexible work policy have laid a good foundation for the work to come. There are a number of hurdles that we will need to overcome, hurdles that are present in every company throughout the industry. The culture of inequality is intrenched and subconscious and the change won’t happen overnight. Clough have made a commitment to bring about that change and that is the important first step.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading and writing, watching movies, listening to and performing music, and going to the theatre and watching the performing arts.”

Meet Jessica, Graduate Process Engineer

“I applied for an internship at Clough to gain valuable experience and prepare myself to become an aspiring engineer, and now I am part of the 2021 graduate group.

Clough is a wonderful place to work where everyone is welcomed. I have so far enjoyed working closely within my team and also engaging with many people in different disciplines. I am very excited to be challenged with technical work. The team keeps giving me new experiences and challenges to maximise my learnings, which develops my technical and non-technical skills and helps me build a more courageous mindset.         

I chose to study engineering because I knew I would get to work on so many amazing projects and would continuously learn. I love that there’s opportunity for challenges and growth working in the engineering and construction industry.

I think diversity of outlook, values, experience, and behaviour can help us achieve growth and innovation in the industry, to create new and better solutions.”


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Today marks World Water Day. This year’s theme i Today marks World Water Day.
This year’s theme is valuing water. The value of water is far more than its price; it has enormous and complex value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economics and the integrity of our natural environment. Clough is playing an important part in Australia’s renewable hydro-energy future through the iconic Snowy 2.0 project.
Snowy Hydro #cloughgroup #snowy2 #renewableenergy #infrastructure #energy #renewables #future

Today marks World Water Day.
This year’s theme is valuing water. The value of water is far more than its price; it has enormous and complex value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economics and the integrity of our natural environment. Clough is playing an important part in Australia’s renewable hydro-energy future through the iconic Snowy 2.0 project.
Snowy Hydro #cloughgroup #snowy2 #renewableenergy #infrastructure #energy #renewables #future


Clough is proud to announce the award of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction scope for Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd (MEPAU) and Beach Energy’s Waitsia Gas Project Stage 2 development in Western Australia.
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