Major works are officially under way for the Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport project’s Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) works.

At St Marys Metro Station, piling works are now complete and the next stage of construction is starting with the commencement of the base slab - a large, reinforced concrete structure, which marks an important milestone in the building of the future metro station. 

The base slab will be constructed in its entirety over 19 pours. Each section will require an average of:

•    52 square metres of formwork
•    200 tonnes of steel reinforcement
•    470 cubic metres of concrete

St Marys will be a new standalone underground metro station that will exist side by side with Sydney’s heavy rail network. As with any construction next to live rail, it poses challenges and opportunities for the team including ensuring there are no disturbances to the existing T1 network.

St Marys Metro Station will be the first station at the top end of the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport, providing a direct connection to the future airport, through to the new Bradfield Station.

Following the installation of 156 piles which were drilled into the ground to serve as the foundational support for the station structure and aboveground buildings, the world’s largest luffing tower crane is now operating on site to enable the major construction works of the station box. 
St Marys Metro Station is being built in the excavated station box area, spanning 350 metres in length and 22 metres in width. The station will be nestled 21 metres underground, but above ground, its architecture will be a testament to modern design, featuring a three-storey eastern services building, a two-storey central services building, and the western station entrance. 
The future metro station will provide the community with easy access to bus services, and walking and cycling links. 

The station will include a new concourse bridge, connecting north and south of the station precinct, and become an important transport interchange, playing a vital role in the revitalisation and renewal of St Marys as a strategic centre. 
Along with the five other metro stations, Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport will provide significant employment opportunities during construction and once complete, and improve connections across Greater Western Sydney. 

About the project 

Webuild as part of the Parklife Metro Consortium is delivering the Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport project’s Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) works package.

SSTOM includes the construction of six stations between the St Marys interchange station and the Bradfield Station, a workshop depot for storing and the maintenance of trains at Orchard Hills, and also the superstructure, the signalling systems and mechanical and electric systems of the entire line, and the supply of new driverless trains.

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